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Rhema Abundant Life Ministries
Rhema Abundant Life Ministries | Elder Francisco West and Apostle Roslynn Renee West | Baltimore, MD


Rhema Abundant Life Ministries | Elder Francisco West and Apostle Roslynn Renee West | Baltimore, MD


Elder Francisco West Jr was born in Panama, Central America, and is a third-generation Panamanian. He left Panama at the age of six to come to the United States. As a youth, he traveled extensively because of his stepfather’s military duties as a US marine. When he was 18 years old, it was through media ministry, while listening to a preacher on television, Francisco heard the message of Christ. “You need to give your heart to Jesus Christ now,” the man of God said. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Francisco received Jesus Christ into his heart that very day. He started attending West Bank Revival Center where his Christian foundation was laid. After a few years, he later served as a youth leader and head of the audio, visual ministry at Fulfilling the Gospel Ministry International. Francisco attended Covenant College in Chattanooga Tennessee which is a Christian higher education institution. Francisco’s computer science professor always emphasized using one’s technical skills to glorify God. Those words became deeply rooted in Francisco’s heart. He graduated from college with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in computer science. Francisco is a software developer. He also has well over 20 years of audio/visual experience and is very knowledgeable about setup and breakdown for large events. After graduating from college he moved to Dallas, Texas, and worked for a large telecommunication company before later moving to Virginia. While in Dallas, he served as a greeter at the Potter’s House and eventually relocated to Virginia where he traveled back and forth to Baltimore to serve at New Vision for Life Church. In 2008, Francisco West was ordained as an elder at New Vision for Life Church by Apostle Etta Banks.

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Rhema Abundant Life Ministries | Elder Francisco West and Apostle Roslynn Renee West | Baltimore, MD


Apostle Roslynn Renee West was born and raised in southern New Jersey. Roslynn confessed Jesus
Christ as her Lord and Savior at the tender age of eight. However, it wasn’t until she was 16 years old
that her life was radically transformed through developing a personal relationship with Christ. Through
discipleship and the cultivation of intimacy with God’s word, Roslynn matured spiritually at a rapid
pace. At 16 years old she served as youth leader as well as in other various positions of leadership
within the church. Roslynn graduated from the University of the Arts with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in
performing arts. As a bi-lingual individual, fluent in Spanish, Roslynn later began fellowshiping with
Spanish-speaking ministries. In her late twenties, she served as Youth Pastor while attending Arca de
Refugio, Haddonfield, NJ, and later as Assistant Pastor while attending Iglesia Casa De Dios, Puerta al
Cielo. During this time Roslynn created curriculum, instituted, and built the infrastructure of the
children’s church, youth ministry, and a traveling dance ministry that involved all the churches
connected to the presiding corporate pastoral alliance. Roslynn has traveled extensively as a translator
serving various churches and ministry-related events. Additionally, she has worked for various
Christian organizations such as daycares and schools, to also create a curriculum, build, and institute after-school programs, summer programs, and dance programs. Roslynn worked within the public school system as an academic teacher. She has fulfilled various unique positions within the public school system as a bilingual teacher, literacy interventionist, translator, and ABA-trained teacher within the medically disabled classroom. She is a classically trained dancer, specializing in Modern dance and has spent an extensive amount of her career as a freelance and company dancer and choreographer. In 2016 she founded Aliyah School of Art, a 501c3, community arts program that serves medically disabled children, adults, and their families. Roslynn recognized her call to the office of the Apostle in 2019 under the JOY Alliance International by Apostle Jenean Griffin.

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Rhema Abundant Life Ministries | Elder Francisco West and Apostle Roslynn Renee West | Baltimore, MD

Elder Francisco West Jr and Apostle Roslynn Renee West are the senior leaders of Rhema AbundantLife Ministries, which serves the East and West Baltimore, Maryland regions. Together, they bring over 30 years of ministerial experience. This couple is passionate about advancing the kingdom of God in real, practical ways through relationships. They have a heart for outreach and fervor to see God's people become everything that God has called them to be. With prayer as their foundation, they lead, serve, teach, and minister to whomever God assigns them to. They currently reside in Maryland but also serve in other jurisdictions throughout the USA and abroad.

Rhema has a strong focus on the cultivation and development of leaders and kingdom families. The ministry has been branded with the use of -unique evangelism tools, ongoing virtual instruction, teaching, leadership training, and international missions. The couple has successfully built a virtual ministry with ongoing mission-based projects. These include shifting the culture through street ministry within various inner cities including East and West Baltimore, Camden, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Brooklyn, NY. Weekly the couple continues to nurture their online community as well as their on going missions-based partnerships with leaders representing over ten different countries including Haiti, some Caribbean islands, Nigeria, India, and the persecuted church within the Middle East and Asia. As bi-lingual ministers, fluent in both English and Spanish, they are currently embracing the opportunity to branch out into radio ministry within Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Roslynn is a lover of languages and has also studied Korean, Mandarin, Arabic, Urdu, and Haitian Creole. Their national and international work has been acknowledged through various New York State Assembly Citations, Certificates of Merit, awards, and Special Congressional Recognition.

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